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Assistentin Private Banking, D, E, Ru

Verantwortlich für die RMs. Kontakt mit Kunden sowie die Vorbereitung der Kundenmeetings. Betreut u.a. selbständig eigene Kunden. Zuständig für die Kontoeröffnungen, Monitoring von Transaktionen und Kontos und Ausführen von Zahlungen. KYC / interne Compliance Verfahren, Files aktualisieren, etc.

Sprachen: D, E, Ru

Senior Investment Manager & Advisor 1971

20 years of financial market experience across various investment and management functions. I held senior positions at international financial institutions where I successfully established a remarkable track record in investment performance, commission generation, sales management, business analysis and organisational development. I am a seasoned business executive working comfortably with regulators, stakeholders and clients in a fast paced and changing market environment. I host a vast experience in analysis and investment in multiple asset classes in listed securities with a deep understanding for performance generating investment instruments.

Sprachen: D, E, F, Sp.